Written by Royal Mabati

For many years, Royal Mabati ® has supported many clients succeed through our varied solutions and products. We are a multinational company that primarily deals with roofing materials
Today, we’re one of the leading manufacturers of roofing products.
The strict implementation of state of the art manufacturing facilities, product testing, organized back office, thorough training, field supervision, research & development allows us to ensure the integrity of our product and the satisfaction of our consumers.
RMFL purchases substantial quantities of goods and services on an annual basis.
Prospective suppliers are invited to submit their expression of interest for pre-qualification for the following categories of goods and services.
NB: All current suppliers and contractors are required to re-apply.

1. RMFL/PQ/2017/01 Supply and Delivery of Stationary and General Office Supplies
2. RMFL/PQ/2017/02 Supply and Delivery of Stationary and General Office Supplies
3. RMFL/PQ/2017/03 Supply and Delivery of Printed Stationary
4. RMFL/PQ/2017/04 Provision of Office Cleaning Services
5. RMFL/PQ/2017/05 Provision of Pest Control Services

6. RMFL/PQ/2017/06 Supply and Delivery of Furniture and Equipment, Fixtures and Fittings and provision of service
7. RMFL/HR/2017/07 Supply of Firefighting Equipment and Maintenance Services Provision of HR Consulting in at east one of the following areas: Team Building, Staff Training, Counselling Services

8. RMFL/IT/2017/08 Provision of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Products, Solutions and Services

9. RMFL/PQ/2017/09 Supply and delivery of fresh milk, Sugar
10. RMFL/PQ/2017/10 Supply and delivery of bottled drinking water.
11. RMFL/PQ/2017/11 Supply and delivery of foodstuffs
12. RMFL/PQ/2017/12 Supply of motor vehicle spare parts, fuel and lubricants
13. RMFL/PQ/2017/13 Provision of repair, maintenance and servicing of motor vehicles, electrical Generator and related equipment.

14. RMFL/PQ/2017/14 Repair and maintenance of fork lift.
15. RMFL/PQ/2017/15 Supply and delivery of first aid materials, provision of first aid services. Supply and delivery of mechanical engineering equipment’s i.e. hydraulic seals, O-rings, Hydraulic Hosepipes, bearings, springs

16. RMFL/PQ/2017/16 Provision of service and repair of Hydraulic equipment
17. RMFL/PQ/2017/17 Provision of general building construction services, provision of general building repair service
18. RMFL/PQ/2017/18 Supply and delivery of building materials and related products. Supply of Electrical and Plumbing Materials
19. RMFL/PQ/2017/19 Provision of newspaper and magazine advertising services.
20. RMFL/PQ/2017/20 Supply and delivery of designed advertising print works such as banners, postas, brochures and related items.
21. RMFL/PQ/2017/21 Provision of website design, maintenance, updating and hosting services and related services

22. RMFL/PQ/2017/22 Supply and delivery of computer accessories, printers and related items

23. RMFL/PQ/2017/23 supply and delivery of computers and office equipments
24. RMFL/PQ/2017/24 supply and installation of network equipment and provision of structured cabling works.

25. RMFL/PQ/2017/25 Supply and installation of cctv, alarm and access control systems
26. RMFL/PQ/2017/26 Supply and delivery of fresh general groceries.
27. RMFL/PQ/2017/27 Supply and delivery of fresh vegetables.
28. RMFL/PQ/2017/28 Supply and delivery of staff uniforms and protective clothes
29. RMFL/PQ/2017/29 Supply and delivery of staff uniforms and protective clothe
30. RMFL/PQ/2017/30 Supply and delivery of staff uniforms and protective clothes
31. RMFL/PQ/2017/31 Supply and delivery of Tyres, Automotive batteries
32. RMFL/PQ/2017/32 Supply of Car Tracking Services
33. RMFL/PQ/2017/33 Supply and delivery of Roofing Nails, Rubber Washers Supply and delivery is strapping rolls