Job Ambuka

job ambukas My guds were delivered safe, thenx 4 royal mabati company staff. 22/07/2017

Jabali Wegesa

jabali wegesa 

Thanks guys, am happy my house is going to be brickred for minimum 15 yrs and the delivery to Kitale was shwift I thought to my self, `Wameleta na ndege' ? Thanks a lot ! 20/07/2017

Omahe Tobias

omahe tobias I so much in like ur products. 20/07/2016

Mubangizi Bosco

mu Royal mabati is the best mabati so far in Africa lets go royal mabati! 20/07/2017

Karisa Kivondo

karisa kivondo RMF are very practical and serious business people who never let down their clients.20/07/2017