Written by Royal Mabati

royal roofingHaving a new roof installed in your home is a pretty involving process, one that must be approached with consideration to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Although the climate in Kenya is relatively the same, most parts are hotter than others, while others receive stronger wind than the rest. More so, every home is different and all property owners will require varying types of roofing materials and installation techniques. Given that it is a major project, here are two factors you can’t overlook when buying a new roof. 

The Materials

Before forking out a large sum of money to a manufacturer, engage your roofing contractor on a lengthy conversation in regards to the best roof for your property. While most Kenyans will choose the traditional asphalt for their low cost, a professional contractor will advise you to buy a longer lasting material such as metal.


While some roofers would choose to simply place a layer of shingles on top of an existing roof, this move would prevent rotten wood from being noticed and this could potentially lead to major problems in the near future. It is, therefore, necessary to consider having your roof worked on from the scratch.

If it is your first time buying a roof, a roofing expert can help you make an informed decision by offering information on material cost, efficiency, and the lifespan of roofing. Once you have narrowed down to the most suitable material, be sure to contact a company with a proven track record of giving top-class roofing services alongside superior customer service. At Royal Mabati Factory, our goal is to offer quality roofing materials and high profile services ensuring you not only get competitive prices but a long lasting roof too. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate and allow us to bring our award-winning services to you.