Written by Royal Mabati

dirty roofYour property could be the biggest asset you own and if you are like most home or business owners in Kenya, the roof is the most expensive aspect to replace or even repair on that building. Unfortunately, only a few people think of caring for their roof.

As trees start losing their leaves, many of them near your property end up on the roof. The leaves then mix with dirt among other debris eventually combining with rainwater and creating sludge which then decomposes and releases acids that could eat through the roof. The small holes formed by the acidic component eventually get larger leading to leaks in the building.


Abandoning roof maintenance can quickly lead to a disastrous situation. Blocked gutters can cause a water overflow and this could make one side of your home to suffer degradation. Normally, stained sides tend to be indelible although this depends on the material used in your building. Therefore, getting rid of debris frequently may prevent the occurrence of catastrophic events and also maintain the aesthetics of your investment.

Extended Life

Without proper care, your roof is bound to break down at some point. A lot of roof systems in Kenya, for instance, are not designed to retain moisture for a long time. It means that the water and debris left on the roof have the potential to create destruction. It is, therefore, advisable to have your roof cleaned at least twice a year. This will not only extend the life of your roof but also its performance thereby saving you money on repair and replacement.

Energy Efficiency

Many roofs today especially metal roofing are designed to increase the energy efficiency of any building. Such roofs reflect the sun’s rays protecting your building from overheating and lessening the need for much air conditioning. Without regular cleaning, your roof can’t maintain desired temperatures in your building. Cleaning the roof eases liquid drainage and decreases the cooling costs.


Once the debris are removed, it becomes easier to inspect the entire roof for any repairs needed to maintain it. Inspecting a clean roof enables you to see if there are any missing or loose shingles. Be sure to hire a qualified roof inspection company.

Although keeping the roof of your property free from debris is something every property owner should do, there are times when repair or replacement may be unavoidable. When that is the case, choose to upgrade your building with metal roofing from Royal Mabati factory which will serve you for more than five decades. For more details, visit www.royalmabati.com