Written by Royal Mabati

Roofing ranks among the most expensive projects a property owner can undertake, so take time to be certain you are hiring a high-profile contractor with a solid reputation for installation. In addition to being a critical aspect of structural integrity and the resale value of your property, it is an upgrade that requires utmost professionalism. Hiring a reliable contractor translates to work done on time and valuable insight on the ideal materials for your house style and the local atmosphere. Therefore, instead of simply flipping through the yellow pages and contacting the first listed contractor, follow these guidelines to find a trustable contractor in Kenya.2a

Get a Referral

The most tried and true method of hiring a reliable roofer is getting references from friends and relatives. Has anyone in the recent past had their roofs repaired or newly installed? Make a list of names and reach out to each of them checking if they were happy with the work done and if they would consider hiring the contractor again. These are the testimonials that should give you the most accurate picture of what you might experience. Beyond your circle, you can also get leads from reputable roofing companies such as Royal Mabati Factory.

Conduct a Background Check

After identifying two to three qualified contractors, do some background check on each of them. Start by verifying their contact information. Are they licensed and insured? How long have they been in the roofing business? Are they constantly updating their skills? These are some of the ideas you have to keep in mind when looking for a roofer to avoid hiring a fraud. 

Meet the Contractor

After narrowing down to a roofer you feel you can trust, it is time to meet them on a one-on-one basis to discuss the best roofing materials for your property and the scope of work to be done. In this meeting, talk about the time and the manpower needed to complete the work. The roofer should come out as knowledgeable and with a professional demeanor.

Get a Written Contract

As much as you may be dealing with a contractor you think you can trust, do not be comfortable having the process started before signing a written contract. The contract should include every aspect of the job as well as the time of completion. Ensure it covers liability and safety measures as well as the worker’s compensation. The contract should highlight on things such as a written estimate and the mode of payment as well as the clean-up details. Request a lien waiver to be sure you are protected against claims that could potentially arise the moment your roofer fails to pay vendors for materials.

Watch out for Cost

Like many property owners, you may be quick to go with the cheapest quote, while it could not be your best bet after all. The most important bit is the confidence you have towards a particular roofer. If the charges are fair within the market value and the contractor has conducted impressive jobs before, why not hire them?

Searching for a reliable roofer can be a long and tedious process especially if you don’t know where to start. With this guide, it should be easy to identify one you can trust and have your roofing work completed successfully. For more details, visit www.royalmabati.com