Written by Royal Mabati

Metal roof is incredibly popular for its longevity, beauty, and durability. Unfortunately, most homeowners lay little or no emphasis on having the roof periodically cleaned. Notice that your roof is about 30 percent of your total home cost, making it a vital duty for you to ensure it is in good shape to keep your home running efficiently and also boost its value. Just like other roofs such as asphalt, metal is also subject to dirt and debris. The only difference is that metal does not stain from algae or grow moss frequently. Stick to a cleaning schedule if you truly expect the longest life out of your metal roof.

What to watch out for

Taking up a DIY cleaning process on any type of mabati in Kenya can be hazardous. Do not assume that simply using a power washer or hose pipe to clean your metal roof is all you need. Notice that a hose pipe does not carry enough strength to properly wash off all the dirt on your roof especially if it has seen many years without cleaning. On the other hand, a pressure washer could potentially cause corroded areas to face more damage or even dent the metal. The best deal is to get to the top of the roof for thorough cleaning. Remember, metal unlike other roofing materials tends to be a little more slippery.  

Assess the Scope of the Project

What is the current condition of the roof? Does it require a lot of effort to prep and clean? Carry out a thorough inspection because metal roofs can harbor corrosion which can cause weakening, and this can be dangerous for you as you clean the roof. The seams may also have sharp edges, and this can be hazardous for you. If such is the condition of your roof, you may want to involve a professional roofer as you make plans to invest in a better roofing material. Although old mabati that have been properly maintained call for less labor, there still may be old paint that needs to be removed. If yours is a new roof, you certainly need very little effort to clean. Keep it in mind that some roofs, depending on the size of your property take up to three hours to clean. Before getting that cleanser on your roof, test it first on an inconspicuous part of the roof to ensure the painted surface will not be streaked.

Remove Mold and Algae

If your painted roof has algae or mold, change the PH of your cleanser for an effective process. Understand that living organisms survive at the current PH level, and therefore raising it can cause them to die allowing you to completely eliminate the organism from your roof. Elements such as salt, ammonia, and vinegar will change the PH level. Be sure to use only one substance not all together, and then mix with water. Spray your roof with the mixture and allow it to sit for about one hour. Then, clean the entire roof with a soft-bristled brush and rinse off with water.

Remove Dirt and other Stains

Different substances can easily build up on your roof if it stays for long without being cleaned. Road dirt, tree sap, decaying leaves, among others can find their way on your metal roof and stain it. You can get rid of most of them by mixing a gallon of water with about half a cup of trisodium phosphate. Allow the substance to sit for about an hour on the surface of your entire roof, and then use a soft brush to clean and rinse off with water.

Keep it Clean

A dirty roof can negatively impact your resale value and curb appeal while harboring corroding materials that could cause your mabati to rust. Keep your mabati functioning optimally by having them cleaned periodically.