Written by Royal Mabati


Roof certification is a critical part of a home buying process, given that one of the thorniest hurdles is always a worn-out roof. With roof replacement being one of the most expensive home repairs, lenders tend to avoid properties with marginal roofing. More so, Kenyan home buyers are today more focused on reliable mabati.

What is Roof Certification?

A roof certification is a warranty issued by a roofing contractor giving proof of the condition of a roof, and the guarantee of a long life. Many times, roof certifications are requested by lenders and homeowners insurance company. A roofer thoroughly inspects the condition of the roofing materials, ridges, drip edges, caps, downspouts, gutters, flashing around roof pipes, vents, chimneys, and HVAC mounting units. If no repairs are needed, the roofer then estimates the remaining years of life to certify the inspection.

Factors Influencing Certification

There are certain factors a roofer takes into consideration before certifying a roof. These may include the following.

Age of the Roof

Most mabati especially wood shakes will need repairs every ten years. Metal roofs, on the other hand, can last for 50 or more years depending on the manufacturer when there is no foot traffic. This is because weight can lead to cracking and breakage.

Previous Repairs

Seller disclosures are necessary when looking for certification. Failing to disclose previous repairs could lead to the denial of certification. A roofer will want to examine a previous repair to confirm it was done correctly and will not lead to future problems. Proper evaluation ensures damages by rodents, weather, or other elements are spotted to allow you plan for timely repairs.

Roof Certification in the Home Buying Process

A roof certification is designed to:
• Disclose the remaining roof expectancy
• Disclose the current condition of the roof
• Allow any necessary repairs
Sellers are advised to provide roof certification for buyers during a home buying process. Unfortunately, most of them do not, and also many homebuyers do not prioritize it when buying a home. Buyers need to recognize that failing to get a roof certification from the seller could easily get them into unplanned roof repair or replacement in the near future. It is necessary that sellers also consider adjusting their selling price in line with the condition of the roof.

Quality Roofing

When selling, buying, or remodeling a home, you need to be aware of the value of a high-quality roof. Standing seam metal roofs, for instance, have been popular in Kenya for their aesthetics and long-term performance characterized by durability, low maintenance, and strength. Consider purchasing your roofing materials from a credible roofing company.