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A solid roof is pretty crucial if you are accustomed to having a warm and a leak-proof home. Unfortunately, many people will overlook replacement or maintenance when needed. Royal Mabati Factory can help you keep up with all the needs of your roof and give you tips on what to look out for to prevent further damages and unnecessary costs. Here we give you the top 4 warning signs to get an idea of when a new roof is needed.

replacing original roofRoof Age

The average lifespan of quality metal roofing in Kenya is 50 years while low quality may serve for about 20 years. If yours is entering its golden years, it may be time to shop for a new one because over time roof materials may begin to deteriorate. If you notice any blistering, cracking, splitting or peeling, it may be necessary to consider a replacement. Be sure to hire a professional to carry out a full onsite evaluation of your roof for you to decide on a plan of action.

Missing or Curling Shingles

Curling is caused by weathering. There are several signs you can observe to have an idea of the underlying condition. One way is clawing - when the edges remain flat, and the middle of the shingles begin to pop up. The other is cupping - when the edges tend to pop up and the middle stays flat. Also look out for missing shingles and have them replaced promptly since you can only fully protect your roof when it is intact. When both curling and missing shingles are ignored, there are high chances of experiencing leakages. However, if too many shingles are missing, it is advisable to have the whole roof replaced.

The Interior

Not all concerns are on the outside of your roof. Get a flashlight and examine your attic. Do you notice any dark spots, sagging, or signs of water leaks? You will notice this by observing moist areas, especially after a heavy rain. Also, check if you can see any signs of light penetrating through your roof. If you notice any of these, it is an indication that your roof is not in good shape.

A Sagging Roof

This should get you in a panic mode because it is typically an indication of a structural issue. You could have a decking problem in the attic or the supports in the foundation. If there is a droop or a depression, call in an expert as soon as possible.

Your roof is one of the most critical components of your home. Therefore, once you observe the aforementioned warning signs, it is essential to contact your trusted roofing expert for a free quote, thorough inspection, and the best installation possible to keep you and your family safe.

Written by Royal Mabati

clogged guttersIdeally, gutters are long channels that sit alongside the edge of your roof.  They are designed to hold water whenever it rains to ensure it is entirely channelled off the roof in a controlled manner. Towards the end of the downspout, you will notice a curved edge. This is what ensures water is deposited away from your roof.

Flooded Basement

If your gutter is defective and clogged, the water tends to fall next to your foundation forming a pool.  When this happens, two major issues may result. First, when water flows and forms a pool next to your foundation, it is completely saturated and puts lateral pressure to the sides of your house causing the soil to swell. With time, the pressure can cause the basement and walls to bulge and crack. When the soil swells below a foundation, it may cause the foundation to drop. Secondly, the water can quickly erode the soil at your basement away. This then results in cracked and inward rotated walls or uneven floors. When cracks appear in your home, a collapse may happen, and you could also have water enter into your house causing mould and flooding.

Wood Damage

Normally, the boards that support the gutter are made of wood. When there is clogging in the gutter, they start to deteriorate and finally rot away. With wood siding in your home, the clogging can lead to water overflow and make it fall on the sides of your home causing damage.

Keep your Gutters Clean

With all the potential damage clogged gutters can do, every home owner certainly wants to keep them running at peak efficiency. Over time, debris may fall from your yard or trees and clog the gutters. The principal of good drainage is to keep the gutters free of debris. When your drain is full of pine cones, leaves, and natural discards, the water that flows has to go over the edge in sheets where it is then absorbed next to your house.

Ensure your downspouts are extended not less than 10 feet away from your foundation. Also, understand that if there are low spots in your lawn water could be retained. By installing simple subsurface drains, the spots could be easily eliminated. Preventing any potential damage is only a matter of keeping them clean frequently.

Given that the foundation supports the entire structure of your home, it must be maintained through cleaning gutters to avoid architectural and structural damage. For the handy homeowner, it means grabbing a ladder and bundling out the gunk. For professional cleaning, hire a contractor who does gutter installation and cleaning services for a reasonable fee.

Written by Royal Mabati

Replacing your roof is a step too big to be taken without certainty. If you are not sure whether your roof needs just a minor patching or a completely new roof, leave the work to a professional roofing contractor and you will get an honest observation based on the severity of your problem. There are many roof qualities in Kenya, making it a daunting process to choose the right one for your roof. This is why it is always very important to rely on market leaders such as Royal Mabati Factory to get a standard material that will last more than 5 decades without the need for replacement. We have compiled a list of at least 5 things you need to know before embarking on your mission of replacing your roofing.

cost considerations roof replacement

1.    Never Cut Corners to Cut Costs

Arguably, the roof is the most basic component of any building. After all, it is responsible for keeping water out of the property. While you may not want to pay to replace your roof, the critical and aesthetic role it plays should help ease the pain of spending any amount on the work.

2.    Shop Around

Many roofers are not cautious about customer satisfaction since replacing a roof happens once every few decades which means they don’t count on repeat business. Also, many home and business owners make the mistake of choosing both roofers and mabati based on cost. On the other hand, many contractors hire inexperienced sub-contractors so they can get the lowest possible bids. This is to say that you need to be extremely careful on the mabati you purchase and the roofer you hire. Get references from friends and family and remember to look closely into major roofing manufacturer websites such as www.royalmabati.com for a guide on credible installers.

3.    Go Top Shelf

You want to be sure you will not worry about your roof for at least five decades, so go for top-quality products. That means taking advantage of the longest available warranty (50 years metal roofing) with an architectural look in terms of varying color and thickness creating an upscale character.  

4.    Focus on the Paperwork

Depending on the style and scope of your roof, a tremendous amount of money and liability will be needed. There are three major documents that will be needed. One, every county in Kenya will require a building permit for all roofing projects. It could help to be sure your contractor follows the building codes. Failing to get the permit could mean voiding your roof warranty. Two, you will need a written contract specifying all the details agreed upon, the cost of the project and the products. Three, you will need a letter addressed to you by the insurance carrier of your contractor confirming your project is fully covered under the liability plan and worker’s compensation.

5.    Demand Liability Before Paying

If your old roof will have to be ripped off, there are too many nails that will likely land on the driveway or the grass. Your contractor should have a good magnet that will pick them up, so they don’t lead to injuries or flat tires before expected their pay.

Once you decide to replace your old roofing with new mabati, keep weather and other issues specific to your area in mind when choosing an ideal material. For instance, choosing metal roofing in Kenya is a brilliant idea as it is fire and wind resistant, and has the capacity to withstand other elements for decades.

Written by Royal Mabati

As a home or business owner, you are aware of the importance of ensuring all aspects of your property are capable of successfully passing the many tests likely to be faced. When it comes to the choice of your roofing, compromise should never surface. Although most roofing materials tend to be a little costly, beware of Kenyan scam artists who assure you of quality mabati at lower prices than the prevailing market cost levels. This is how most property owners end up with inferior products that last less than a decade. Why should you invest in quality mabati in 2017?


Enhanced Insulation

The material used on the roof is what determines the level of insulation a property will have. When you talk of quality roofing, think metal! Metal roofing has excellent insulation and keeps your house warm during cold weather and cool when temperatures soar outside.

Increased Property Value

If you were to resell your property, the type of roofing used would significantly influence its value. No homebuyer is looking for a property which they will have to replace the roofing within a short time. With metal roofing, you get to enjoy an uncompromised service of about 50 to 60 years. Reject mabati in Kenya will reduce the value of your property.

Enhanced Protection

In the market today, most roofs are designed to offer water resistant elements. It does not, however, mean they are waterproof. With high-quality underlayment, metal roofing is designed to act as a protection base in the event that your roof’s cover leaks. Normally, low-quality roofing materials have poor underlays which are not able to seal the roof properly. Whenever there are leaks, moisture tends to seep inside a property damaging it before you even notice.

Less Maintenance

In order to enhance the durability of any roof, maintenance is inevitable. Unlike low-quality roofs, metal roofs are easy to maintain and repair since they are designed to be highly resistant to damages and harsh elements.


Roofing should be a long-term project. When installing metal roofing from a credible company, you expect it to last for many decades. While inferior materials may cost less and look appealing when new, they begin to wear out within a few years. While that is the case, the property owner has little choice but fork out more funds to cover the frequent repairs and replacements. At the moment, it may look like a great idea to save money on cheap roofing products. However, understand that this is a choice that will end up costing more in the long run.

It is imperative to keep it in mind that the competence of your roofing contractor is as crucial as the quality of your mabati. Once you upgrade to quality roofing, invest in a professional installation contractor to ensure you do not receive a shoddy job, expensive repairs, and replacements. If you are considering upgrading, look no further than Royal Mabati Factory. With us, you get the best quality roofing, high-profile services, and we deliver your products where you are.  For more details, visit www.royalmabati.com.

Written by Royal Mabati

metal rooofing in kenyaFor a long time, standing seam metal roofs have been popular for their longevity and aesthetic characteristics. Today, with the concept of sustainability being highly essential to the building community, metal roofing is being looked at in a different light. Their high recyclability and efficiency, for instance, allows them to play a pivotal role in meeting energy star requirements. Not only are they elegant but also synonymous with durability and strength. Ideally, metal outshines all other roofing materials. Here are 5 benefits of investing in a metal roofing solution in Kenya.

  1. Longevity

If you are planning to put a roof on any construction in Kenya, you may want to consider high-grade metal roofing from a credible company. Unlike most mabati in Kenya which degrade almost immediately after installation, metal is durable. However, despite the multiple benefits presented by this roofing, grading is key as long as durability is concerned. Depending on where you buy, your metal roof could last between 20 to 70+ years. 

Due to the exceptional longevity of metal roofing, it has a very low life cycle cost. It means that although you may spend a high amount upfront, you will save money in the long run since the roof will not need repair or replacement.  Every manufacturer provides a particular warranty period, with Royal Mabati Factory offering a 70-year warranty. However, understand that installation also plays a pivotal role in determining the life of your system. Poor installation trickles down to a shorter life span.

  1. Wind and Weather Tough

Different parts of Kenya experience varying weather conditions. Some areas are hard hit by rainstorms, while others are hard hit by wind. Due to the way the panels are constructed, metal roofs have a high resistance to wind damage. These roofs are installed by extending from the eave to the ridge minimizing spaces where wind and rain could penetrate.

They also have a very high strength to weight ratio and are attached to the roof deck with screws. This makes the roof withstand stress loads of other products. Metal roofs are also resistant to mold, mildew and algae growth. Their inorganic structure makes it very difficult for these organisms to gain a foothold.

  1. Green Product

Metal roofing is one of the greenest roofing products you can find in the Kenyan market and beyond. Understand that these roofs are recyclable thereby creating a more comfortable and safer environment. They rarely become waste in a landfill. It is a cost saving and energy efficient investment known for improving home value by up to 6 percent.

When purchasing, be sure that the material you choose is lead-free in both the metal coating and the metal alloy. It is important to note that even the slightest amount of lead can cause kidney damage, physical impairment, mental disturbance, decreased coordination, blood damage, among other complications. 

Your roof is an important first line of defense when it comes to protecting you from the elements. In addition to purchasing your material from a reliable company, hire a professional contractor to install your roof. A poor installation can attract leaks and moisture in the attic which can, in turn, result in mold growth and water damage.