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More than ever before, today there is a wide variety of metal roof colors. It means that choosing the right color for your construction should be an exciting process. However, it is vital to keep it in mind that the color you choose affects the overall appearance and feel of your business or home. Take your time to research on a variety of color options and remember to pay attention to key practical and aesthetic factors. The following are insightful tips to help you navigate your metal roof color options successfully.

roofing sheetsThe Quality of the Paint

The metal roof selected must be accompanied by high-quality paint. High-quality paint stands up to the elements and stays fresh and new for many years. Ensure that the roof you select is treated with a resin that blocks UV rays. Professional mabati companies in Kenya apply different sealants and coatings as an additional protective layer. The layer helps the paint to last longer and protects the metal from mildew and moisture.

The Construction Style

Be sure to choose a color that matches with your overall construction style. Base your color with the construction’s exterior elements such as the color of the doors, siding, windows, and etcetera. Metal roofs are designed to maintain their original colors for decades meaning it is important to choose a color you will be pleased with for the next 50 or more years. Watch out for different color samples both night and day to be sure you like a certain hue.

Color Effects

With metal roof colors being virtually limitless, it is for you to decide on the kind of effect you expect to achieve.  Any color that contrasts with a home’s brick color or siding stands out. Also, selecting complementary colors creates a monochromatic scheme which brings out a classic feel and look. You can also choose the ultra-modern look of bare metal. There are exotic metals such as zinc, steel, copper, aluminum, and more, which all come with natural distinctive colors. They create a unique look for any construction. It is critical to understand that both light and dark colors have a major impact on the overall look of your home. Lighter colors make a construction look taller. If you have a hollow pitch on your roof, light colors would be your best choice. Darker colors, on the other hand, make a tall roof appear less overwhelming.


If you are looking for a color that will reflect your aesthetic taste, look out for the general trends of roof colors in your locality. Pick a color that pleases you most, but be careful not to end up with a color that will not be in line with the style of your home. For more details, visit www.royalmabati.com.

Written by Royal Mabati

If you have lived in your home for a long time or just moved into a new home, you may have started to notice several downsides. Dangerous building materials such as poor roofing, for example, may be crowding your home especially if it is old.  However, understand that even newly built homes are subject to hazardous conditions.



This is a highly inexpensive flame retardant that was very common in home constructions. It is mostly found in vinyl floors, roof shingles, and insulation. When damaged materials break, the asbestos becomes harmful and leads to health concerns when inhaled. For instance, if an asbestos ceiling tile is damaged, fibers may be released into the air. Vibration, water damage, aging, and any hard impact such as drilling can cause the breakdown of the material. Asbestos exposure has been linked to lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma. It is not possible to determine what material contains asbestos by simply looking. Therefore, it is vital to have your home inspected by a professional licensed removalist. Your professional should sample and analyze your home. Notice that wrong sampling is more hazardous.


Any house that was painted before 1980 has a high chance of containing lead-based coat. The major cause of lead poisoning is in paint. In fact, most Kenyan homes have lead contamination according to a study conducted in 2012 http://www.ipen.org/documents/lead-kenyan-household-paint . Note that chipping lead paint is very dangerous and requires immediate attention. It can also be highly hazardous in areas that children spend their time more such as around doors, windows, stairs, and more. When surfaces are disturbed when repairing or repainting, toxic lead dust can be created. Also, when lead-based paint pills off and gets into the soil, playgrounds and the surrounding areas may be contaminated.  Check the exterior of your home for chipping paint that could contaminate the soil or get tracked into your house. Lead removal must be handled by a professional.

Bad Gas

Widely known as the silent killer, carbon monoxide is dangerous and a serious threat in many Kenyan homes. It is colorless and odorless. CO results from the incomplete burning of charcoal, gas, burners, water heater, and boilers. Although all people are at risk of this poisoning, the elderly, infants, anemia patients, chronic heart disease patients and people with respiratory problems are at a higher risk. CO can cause dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and headaches. Even low levels of leaking can make you very ill. Therefore, find it necessary to invest in a carbon monoxide alarm.

Poor Roofing

With the wrong choice of roofing materials, poor installation, and maintenance, a bad roof can lead to major damage in your home. Usually, a roof is supposed to take out the elements brought about by wind and rain. Your mabati are also exposed to high levels of UV rays year round. There are several signs that can help you know when to have your roof replaced by a professional. Look out for missing shingles, to prevent moisture from being allowed into the next roof layer. Poor roofing can also contribute to poor roof ventilation. This can cause condensation to be trapped between roof layers and underlayment. If your roof is of poor quality, consider replacing it with metal roofing. For more details, look out for www.royalmabati.com.

Written by Royal Mabati

mabatiRather than being in constant need of repair and maintenance, your home’s exterior should be inviting and stunning. More so, the time spent outdoors with your family and friends should be relaxing not full of endless upkeep.  That is why quality and low maintenance products and building materials such as those provided by Royal Mabati Factory are a great investment for any homeowner in Kenya. It is advisable to shop wisely to cut down on common outdoor frustration such as rotted decking that may need frequent replacement.
1.    Metal Roofing
Metal roofing is indisputably a great investment. These roofs can last up to 60 years. They protect against elements such as harsh weather and fires. They also reflect sunlight to reduce the cooling costs during hot weather and insulate during cold months. Understand that you will no longer be limited to the traditional metal hues because today metal roofing comes in a wide selection of color shades and styles.
2.    Composite Decking
Wood decking is prone to warping and rotting, the more reason to consider composite. Composite decking has a long lifespan and comes with little maintenance. With it, you will not have to paint, sand, or stain.
3.    Vinyl Siding or Fiber-Cement Siding
When searching for the best siding material, notice that vinyl is low maintenance as opposed to the traditional wood siding, and it is also a low-cost. It is made of a synthetic material that does not need any finishing, meaning it is ideal for large houses where too much painting may be needed. Given that it is resistant to water, there will be minimal chances for replacement. If you need a more realistic-looking siding, consider fiber cement. With a blend of sand, cellulose, and cement, it requires less repainting and little upkeep.
4.    Synthetic Turf
This is made from plastic fibers. It is then woven into a rubber backing. It requires no mowing, fertilizer to grow, or pesticides. More so, it looks great all year round without watering.
5.    Quality Front Door
Investing in a high-quality front door is essential for your home. Choose a metal or a fiberglass door to not only protect your home from intruders but the elements too.  Such materials are often less subject to damaging effects of harsh weather and rain. Fiberglass and metal offer lasting beauty with little maintenance.
6.    Composite Fence
Every home needs a fence for protection. However, this is a detail that should not come with too much upkeep. Composite fences made from plastic and wood tend to be very strong just liked wood. The only difference between them and plain wood is that they don’t lose their beauty and strength over the years due to rotting and weather damage.
7.    PVC Trim
Selecting PVC products means that the corner boards will look crisp. This durable plastic material does not need finishing to look new and it is also impervious to moisture. It comes in varying colors and styles to fit the character of each home.
Exterior home maintenance is one of those things easily forgotten. If not careful, a homeowner could end up owning a home with an overgrown yard, peeling paint, and one in need of expensive repairs.

Written by Royal Mabati

house on fireRoof fires can be a real threat to any home or commercial property in Kenya. Most property owners focus on preventing mold and leaks, forgetting that a fire could be deadly and very costly. In cold seasons, many people tend to use space heaters to keep their rooms warm. Unfortunately, the comfort may come at an extra cost of putting the entire space at a great risk of fire.

If you are using heaters, or simply want to secure your home from fire, it is a good idea to invest in metal roofing. Metal roofing has a class “A” fire rating. Although there are many factors that contribute to this classification, metal is extremely fire resistant. One major benefit of this roofing is that it impedes a fire’s ability to spread.

Therefore, in the unthinkable event that a fire could occur, a metal roof helps in preventing the destruction of a home or a business structure. Roofing experts suggest that installing a standing seam metal roof system is, in fact, one of the most proactive measures one can take to reduce the chances of a property being destroyed by fire.

In Kenya, metal roofs have become very popular because they not only last longer than conventional types of mabati but are also lighter. Get rid of shake shingled roofs and have them replaced with a standing seam metal roof. Clean out your gutter to get rid of potential fuel like twigs and leaves. While fires may not be a national concern, the risk of a fire occurrence is a problem every owner should take very seriously.

While metal roofing is an important feature every property owner should strongly consider adding, it is advisable not to attempt to install it on your own. Have the installation process done by a professional who can ensure that the roof is securely set up.

Written by Royal Mabati

Replacing a roof is among the most expensive home improvement projects a homeowner has to deal with. Roofs tend to have a limited lifespan as a result of exposure to elements. Depending on the roofing material installed, it could take you between 10 and 50 or more years before replacing. Here are a few ways to lower roofing prices.

Order your own Materials

Reputable roofing companies such as Royal Mabati Factory should have no problem supplying you with quality roofing materials. When selecting the most appropriate material for your roof, it is vital to focus on the age, the location, the quality, and the condition of your home. Metal roofing is increasingly becoming popular among many home and business owners because it is lightweight, is aesthetically pleasing, and is highly fireproof. Whenever you need a new roof, consider checking with your friends and relatives for recommendations. Get at least three written bids and a guarantee of the life of the roof. Be wary of too high or too low prices. Also, do not be tempted to pay full amounts in advance for roofing materials you have not received.


Inspect your Roof Annually

If you choose metal roofing, its life expectancy may be anywhere between 40 to 50 years. Usually, your roof will not fail catastrophically unless it’s completely neglected. Nevertheless, even with little maintenance, a metal roof in Kenya will not wear out before the age of 40. Rain, sun, branches, moss, and the wind lead to deterioration of any type of mabati. Unfortunately, most homeowners wait until they see visible signs of damage before getting their mabati inspected. Embracing preventative maintenance will certainly save you money in the long run.

Look out for Leaks

If you notice leaks on your roof, you may or may not need re-roofing. Leaks are caused by damaged flashing. Unlike missing shingles that are easy to spot, damaged flashing is not always obvious. It is advisable to call in a professional to inspect your roof. If it will be more profitable to get another roof, have a professional roofing company deliver quality materials. When a new roof is needed, the most basic option is to have the old roof taken off for a new replacement. You could also have the new roof placed on top of the old one. If there is already an existing replacement on top of the original roof, it may be necessary to start afresh. Understand that roofs when placed on top of each other on each re-roofing project could be heavy and damage your building’s structure.