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Are you wondering how you could possibly roof your commercial or residential property with a non-zero maintenance fee in the future? Well, you are not alone.fake sheets When planning to build, many Kenyan property owners get into a rigorous process of looking for quality mabati at reasonable prices. It is unfortunate that many of them concentrate on the pricing only to require roof repair or replacement a few years down the line. Getting onto the roofing industry without the knowledge of what’s standard and what’s sub-standard will get you into a cycle of endless roof repairs and replacements.
Substandard mabati do not perform to a high standard. They may change color, fade, and even corrode leading to leaks within a short span.

Color Change

Buying fakes is a sure fire way of making your roof appear ten times older than is. The original coating of standard metal roofing is natural and beautiful. In fact, original roofs come with a hard layer that protects the roof components from the elements such as sun and wind. Being of a metallic material, the vibrant colors of each original roof is always protected against U,V meaning that the color never changes.


Fake roofing sheets come with bad chip coverage. Note that fraudulent suppliers spray the mabati with paint to cover up their fake state. Eventually, if you are a novice you will end up paying highly for substandard materials. Some shingles end up losing their chip within a short time. That results from UV exposure causing the base of the roof to grow weak. The coating of the roof you buy is only guaranteed when you purchase standard materials.


When atmospheric atmosphere meets low quality metal, corrosion takes place and the roof begins to rust. The moment your roof rusts, there is little to be done. In fact, you may just have to replace the entire roof. Galvanized mabati take time to rust. This is why quality metal roofing serves for more than 40 years.
Manufactured with the finest material and coated with high-tech style, texture, and longevity, that’s just what Royal Mabati Factory Limited offers you.

Written by Royal Mabati

The evolution of roofing systems in Kenya has been highly influenced by the need for control of the penetration of rain. However, in the modern designs, other sources of moisture have to be considered. The criterion of a moisture resistant roof is that it must not absorb moisture heavy enough for condensation. Should condensation take place, the insulation of your roof could be damaged.

In most commercial and industrial properties, low slope metal roofs have been a preferred covering option for many years. This is because they have the power to protect any property against the elements and allow water to drain away easily.

Recently, architects and builders recognized other attributes of the low slope mabati roofing; their long life, sustainability, low maintenance, wind resistance, light weight, and reliability.

Moisture Tolerance

While some roofing material in Kenya can serve for more than 20 years, poor installation and maintenance can result in short life and major leaking problems. The accumulation of moisture eventually leads to major problems including depreciation of assets, accelerated insulation, poor thermal performance, and dripping.

It is advisable to replace inadequate material with metal roofing to avoid the costly aftermath of leakage. More so, metal roofs are not exposed to the degradation found in organic materials. That allows the metal to resist the elements better. In turn, that lengthens their lifespan and contributes to a low annual maintenance cost.

Never Depend on DIY Solutions

Metal roofing such as that manufactured by Royal Mabati Factory Limited is designed to resist water infiltration. They come to you with seams that raise the joint between panels above the water line. However, as much as the roof should last more than 40 years, proper installation and maintenance must be observed.
Keeping your roof waterproof should be a priority. Do not try installing the roof or handing the process to an armature company. If you have no professional installer in mind, it is vital to consult your mabati supplier for credible leads.

Written by Royal Mabati

Selecting a reputable mabati vendor is a huge decision that will affect all aspects of your building project. The most important decision when building a new project or replacing old iron sheets is considering the materials used. For instance, the type of mabati you choose will determine the overall look of your project. Today, there is a wide array of Kenyan mabati to choose from. However, with the wide selection, it can be daunting to make the best choice for your building project. What must you look out for?


First, understand that cost is not always a determinant of quality. However, most Kenyans will focus on cost. Well, the cost presented by the manufacturer or the vendor ought to be within the market value. It is never a rule of thumb to go with the cheapest products. The lifespan and the value of the mabati must be placed before cost. Purchasing cheap iron sheets could quickly send you into a stream of replacing the sheets frequently and drag you into higher expenses in the long run.


What look do you want? Different clients have varying requirements and tastes. What one homeowner or business owner considers attractive may not appeal to the other. You have the power to make a ruling on the appearance of your property. Remember, a professional roofing company will present a wide variety of quality roofing material.


Some mabati in Kenya last longer and are of higher value than others. Quality mabati in this case metal roofing is resistant to moisture, decay, and environmental hazards. The mabati you choose must be long-lasting for you to save on cost and have an extended replacement period. When choosing roofing material, it is advisable to consult experts.


The supplier determines the quality of roofing sheets you get. Would you prefer to transport the mabati across the country by your means or would you prefer having the roofing company transport your supplies at your convenient location? Well, when choosing a supplier, only opt for one that has the means to offer you transport. How long has the supplier been on the market? Does the supplier have good customer reviews?


Readily available mabati saves you time and money. In fact, always go by local means as this will save you on shipping costs. It also means you do not wait for too long to get your delivery. Buying from a certified and professional mabati supplier in Kenya keeps off building delays. Note that readily available mabati are affordable thereby lowering your construction costs.


Choose mabati that will offer your property the service you need. With a life of more than 40 years, metal roofing is the building material that never disappoints. For more details, contact www.royalmabati.com

Written by Royal Mabati

Metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular in Kenya. Factually, metal roofing adds beauty, durability, and helps to reduce energy costs, factors that have contributed to the high demand. Today, this type of roofing is available in a wide array of textures, colors, and styles, and can, in fact, suit any aesthetic preference. You can buy small quantities of the mabati at your local warehouse, or get them directly from a reliable supplier such as Royal Mabati for both small and larger quantities.

It is important to note that a reliable supplier will always be your best bet. Would you rather buy cheap mabati below the market value that in most cases end up being reject mabati or would you rather have quality mabati delivered at your door under standard pricing? As much as metal sheets are highly rated, it is possible to end up in the hands of an unscrupulous supplier. Keep in mind; Royal Mabati Factory is fully insured and has a good reputation for quality metal roofing. More so; RML delivers its supplies in every part Kenya.

Royal Mabati offers a building envelope for virtually all kinds of buildings either commercial or residential. Ideally, we are the best mabati suppliers in Kenya, innovative and dynamic manufacturers that produce high quality, lightweight, and affordable metal roofing. Our roofing is designed for long life and superior corrosion resistance.

If you intend to buy quality mabati in Kenya, Royal mabati Factory is your ultimate one stop shop. For more details, contact www.royalmabati.com.  

Written by Royal Mabati

Residential and commercial metal roofing is one of the fastest growing segments of home and business improvement. The benefits brought about by today’s metal roofs allow homeowners and enthusiastic business owners to upgrade their properties with quality sheets of lasting value. While other types of mabati in Kenya quickly diminish in value as they age, metal roofs offer a wide array of benefits as follows:

•    Proven performance for 40+ years

•    Fire resistance

•    Beautiful styles that match any environment

•    Energy efficiency by keeping a property cooler

•    Interlocked Panels for maximum wind resistance

•    Low weight that helps preserve the structural integrity and life

Note; metal roofing has proven to be durable on any building. The current coatings and more sophisticated types of sheet metal protection techniques enable new sheet metal panels to last even longer. This is a very practical choice given that fewer maintenance costs are required as opposed to other types of roofing.  Life cycle costs analysis has proven that combining durable construction products with low maintenance costs is great for the environment too. Also, sheet metal roofing contributes to sustainability.  

High-quality mabati in Kenya are coated with a mixture of chemicals that help to prevent unwanted growth of algae and mold. That aids in prolonging the life of the sheet metal. More so, the chemicals incorporated are a prime factor in the prevention of problems such as rust and rot.  

Remember that metal roofing comes to you with a class-A fire rating. As far as fire resistance is concerned, this is the highest fire resistance rating. Another considerable value that comes with sheet metal in Kenya is that it is lightweight meaning it saves both valuable time and money during construction. It can be easily and effortlessly installed or replaced.

Sheet metal is fully designed with galvanized recycled steel. This means that old sheets can be recycled thus preserving the green environment. It means that there is little waste that goes to the garbage. Well, with that in mind, consider installing your property with metal roofing. For more details, visit www.royalmabati.com