Gutter Cleaning Tips


Cleaning Gutter


It’s recommended that you clean your gutters at least twice a year. In fact, gutter cleaning should be done more regularly if you live in a wooded area where trees shed their leaves more frequently. Why? Because a dirty gutter leads to clogging which in turn leads to damage/leaks on your Mabati.

You don’t need to be a roofing expert, try this following this guide one weekend, and thank us later;

  1. Safety first; get a strong and stable ladder. Have a pair of gloves, eye protection, and a plastic shovel. A metallic shovel will scratch your Mabati or cause dents on the gutter, hence the need for a plastic one.
  2. Clear debris; use the plastic shovel to scoop and clear any debris from the gutter. Often, the debris consists of dry leaves, dirt, bird droppings, etc.
  3. Clean the Mabati; you can also use a long broom to sweep fallen leaves and other debris from your Mabati. Ensure that your shoes have rubber soles so that you don’t slide and fall over while walking on the Mabati.
  4. Stepping on nails; in order to avoid damaging your Mabati, step along the lines where there are nails. As such, the Mabati won’t bend or cave in because you’re stepping on the truss.
  5. Garden Hose; after clearing all debris from the Mabati and Gutters, use plenty of clean water to wash away any remnants. Use a garden hose to flush the gutter, observing whether the water is flowing smoothly down the downspouts.

Any pools of water on the gutter or sluggish flow means that there’s debris somewhere causing blockage. Alternatively, it could mean that the angle of descent of your gutter isn’t proper, in which case you may have to consult your fundi or plumber.

WARNING; never bend or lean too sharply on one side when using the ladder, you risk losing balance and falling over. Instead, be patient enough to move the ladder from one spot to the other in order to reach all areas safely and comfortably.