Why Mabati FadeWhat causes Mabati to fade after only a few years? Is there anything you can do to prevent or slow down the fading? These are some of the t common questions we hear from our customers. Check out the 3 main reasons why Mabati can fade;

1.   Pigmentation and resin; the type and quality of the pigment used to coat your Mabati will determine how fast they fade. Low quality pigment leads to pigment breakdown, which is why you see some Mabati fading after only a few years. To be on the safe side, always buy high end quality Mabati. Insist on Superbrand status from your dealer; Royal Mabati is pleased to inform you that we’ve attained this Superbrand status.UV Exposure; exposure to Ultraviolet rays can also hasten the fading process. The more intense the exposure, the faster the Mabati are likely to fade. If you live in arid or semi-arid areas like Northern Kenya, the secret is to choose a color that reflects the sunlight rather than absorbing it.Industrial Maintenance; fading can also be caused by exposure to salts like Sulfonate, Phosphates, chlorides, etc. Did you also know that nearness to coastal regions can also cause Mabati to fade faster?Royal Mabati is the premier roofing company in Kenya, we pride ourselves of offering durable, affordable and high quality roofing solutions. We have attained the Superbrand Status and our Mabatis come with a 15 year Warranty against Corrosion.  Call our sales team today via; 0722 63 83 83.