Building a house on tight budget


Building and owning an own home is the dream of every Kenyan. In fact, the ultimate sign of a success in our society is home ownership; the bigger and more furnished, the better.

Now, like a month; where DP Ruto likes reminding us; hii mambo ni kujipanga my fren! It doesn’t matter how much you earn or make in there’s a will, there’s always a way.

Try these smart tips to help you build and own your dream home;

  1. Start saving; don’t wait until you have 1 Million Kshs at hand in order to start building a home. Start saving early, even if it means 2K, 5K, 10K a month, depending on your earnings. By the end of one year, you’ll have saved enough money to get you started with a bang.
  2. Lipa mdogo mdogo; building materials are costly and it’s okay buying what you can afford in small bits. For example, here at Royal Mabati, we have a special deal that allows you to lipa mdogo mdogo for your Mabati. You can pay small monthly instalments of your Mabati and pick them once you’ve cleared everything.
  3. Build smaller; we’d all want to own big mansions like those we see in Runda, Muthaiga, and so on. Yet, even owners of such palatial homes will tell you they started small! The smaller the house, the lesser the materials needed, and thus the lower the budget. A modest 2 bedroom home built with your savings is ALWAYS better than a huge 6 bedroom bungalow that leaves you financially drained and with huge loans staring at you.
  4. Own labour; a huge chunk of your budget will go towards paying the Fundi and casual laborers. How about giving a helping hand? Help in digging the foundation, let your teenage sons help in offloading materials from the delivery truck. It’s fun being involved in the construction of your home, plus is also helps you keep fit!
  5. Be involved; lastly, be involved in every stage of construction. Most fundis and contractors have the habit of inflating cost of building materials just to milk a few coins from you. Instead of putting all your trust in them, be personally involved! Accompany them when buying materials, ask for receipts of items bought, and so forth.

To paraphrase the words of one wise man, the best time to start saving for your dream home is yesterday; the next best time is today! For more details on Royal Mabati’s Lipa Mdogo mdogo special offer, kindly call 0722 638383 or contact us via Facebook.