PVDF coating (polyvinylidene fluoride) is a pure thermoplastic fluoropolymer that is non-reactive and possesses multiple coating benefits. Kynar coating is a chemical resistant, thick film barrier coating primarily used on chemical processing equipment due to it's low weight and low thermal conductivity. This coating is unaffected by most chemicals and solvents, and has excellent wear and abrasion resistance. PVDF coatings are especially resistant to solvents, acids and heat, and has low density compared to similar fluoropolymers. PVDF coatings also have a high dielectric strength, excellent resistance to weathering elements in harsh environments. Along with the ability to self extinguish, PVDF generates little smoke in the event of a fire.

mabati coating

Chromate coating is chemically oxidising the surface of the aluminium product. This results in
a thin oxide layer, what is referred to as a conversion layer, which offers protection. During the
chromating, which is also referred to as alodining, a surface layer results which varies in colour
from white to gold/brown iridescent. Chromating is often applied as a coating pre-treatment as
it provides high-quality adhesion and excellent protection against corrosion. Moreover, it is often
prescribed locally for facings or for electrical conductivity.